Creating more accessible health and wellness programs across the city

What is Stronger Austin?

Driven by community input, Stronger Austin’s founding partners joined together with Austin residents, agencies, businesses, and nonprofits to create more accessible health and wellness programs across the city. For many of Austin’s most historically underserved neighborhoods, relevant services aren’t a reality. Programs that are costly or hard to get to block participation.

Stronger Austin provides the services and resources that are right for each individual community. Residents will identify the programming they want and watch it come to life in the middle of their neighborhood. Stronger Austin believes that no one knows what’s better for a community than the people that live there.

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Underserved Neighborhoods
are the Most at Risk

The Issue

Over the past 30 years, obesity rates among adults have more than doubled, and the rates for obese children more than tripled during the same time period. In Texas, nearly seventy percent of all adults and nearly a third of all children are overweight or obese.

And our state’s capital isn’t getting along much better. Nearly sixty percent of adults and thirty-five percent of kids in Austin are obese or overweight. And, sadly, the most underserved neighborhoods are consequently the most at risk. A city-wide effort is needed to make health and wellness accessible in Austin, for every person in every zip code

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Our Solution

To learn what it would take to create better programming, we spoke with residents inside Stronger Austin’s target neighborhoods. And we heard what was necessary for engaged participation in health and recreational services.

According to these community members, Stronger Austin’s programs and services needed to be:

  • Free
  • Fun and relevant for all ages and fitness levels
  • Walkable, located right in the neighborhood
  • Bilingual programming available

These qualities are found in each of Stronger Austin’s programs, services, and resources. All activities and classes will be guided by trained instructors for easy access to support. Stronger Austin will also connect community members to other health and wellness services in Austin.

So, what programs will Stronger Austin provide?

  • Expanded Out of School Time
  • Fitness Classes
  • Nutrition/Cooking Education Classes
  • Activity Groups

Click here to learn more about Stronger Austin’s Programs.

And, Austin is just the beginning. We want to make better access to recreational and health programming a reality throughout Texas. It’s Stronger Austin’s goal to create an evidence-based model that can be replicated in communities across the state.

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Stronger Austin Partners

Austin Parks & Recreation
City of Austin (Austin Public Health)
My Brother's Keeper
Michael and Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living
Bloom Communications
Central Texas Food Bank