Roxy weras a blue Stronger Austin shirt and is flexing her arm.

Meet Roxy: East Austin Boot Camp Instructor

Twice a week, at the Pan Am Rec Center, Stronger Austin hosts free east Austin Boot Camp classes. Meet our newest boot camp instructor, Roxanne Perez, and learn more about her approach to fitness and health!

A group of men and women in workout gear pose in front of a mural after having participated in an east Austin Boot Camp class.

What is Boot Camp?

Boot Camp is a popular type of workout class that is based on the boot camp military training. It uses your body weight to get your heart rate up. There are lots of popular Boot Camp classes but Stronger Austin offers the only free one in south Austin. Roxy teaches the class every Monday and Thursday, and her style of boot camp “incorporates strength training and conditioning while maintaining proper form. A variety of exercises is a MUST!”

Teaching East Austin Boot Camp with Stronger Austin

“I enjoy training with Stronger Austin because I believe strongly in helping others.” Roxy has a full-time job but is so passionate about helping others achieve their health goals she joined the Stronger Austin team. She especially likes it when participants bring their family members or friends because “having a support system is crucial.” Whether you bring someone with you or make friends in the class  Roxy believes “we are a community working on one common goal, to be STRONGER!”

Why Roxy is a Great Trainer

Health and exercise should be available to everyone, but Roxy knows it is not always easy. She is great at helping people no matter where they are in their health journey because she “can relate with most people who haven’t had any formal exercise training. It’s easy for me to do this because my heaviest weight was over 300lbs.” She will make sure you are comfortable and safe during a boot camp workout because she will “ALWAYS modify the activities based on the clients’ fitness level.”

You can check out one of Roxanne’s Boot Camp classes at Pan American Recreation Center, Mondays, and Thursdays, 7:30 pm-8:30 pm. If you can’t make it to one of our east Austin Boot Camp classes, we have plenty of other free fitness classes for you to check out here.