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Physically Active Kids are Healthier and Smarter!

Physically Active Kids are Healthier and Smarter!

Photo of a young male student smiling for a photoBy Hilary Kotrla, Youth Programs Manager |

If you’ve ever been playing with physically active kids, then surely you will have asked yourself “When are they going to be tired?!” But when kids are left to their own devices – literally, devices – they become couch potatoes. If their device is broken or out of battery, they’re up and about. Kids always want to do something – maybe play tag, climb on the playground, or participate in their favorite sport. Teachers need to work with physically active kids, in and out of the classroom, so they can learn and grow. If we incorporate physical activity with everyday lessons, we can help kids learn even more!

Being Active is Good for the Brain
It is recommended that kids need at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, but they don’t get all of it during the regular school day. Studies show that there is a direct relationship between physical activity and retention. We can help kids by adding small bouts of energizers during classroom time. They can reach their daily 60-minute exercise goal by engaging in a variety of activities, learning about nutrition, and how to take care of their bodies, all at the same time. This means that when we do our part to get kids exercising, we help their ability to learn!

Integrating Physical Activity in After School
Physical Activity doesn’t have to happen in the gym or outside. It can happen in a classroom with a small group or a cafeteria with a large group. If we get active with the kids and all exercise together, they want to be active too! We’ll see them do better at school because of the physical activity they get, and they will never stop talking about how much fun they have playing active games. We see this in Stronger Austin Kids after school programming when instructors participate in relay races and play games like pac-man tag with kids.

Enlist Stronger Austin Kids to add a physical activity component to your after school program and together, let’s teach kids by getting them active! You can request us at your school here!


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What You'll Do

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